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Dr. P. K. Valsalakumari

Professor & Head







Established as a statutory Department of KAU in 1972

M.Sc. Programme started in 1976 and Ph.D., in 1979

Started externally aided research programmes in 1988


Teaching, research and extension in basic horticulture, fruits and flowers and landscape horticulture.



Dr. P.K. Valsalakumari, Professor & Head

Dr. Lyla Mathew, Professor

Dr. N.K. Parameswaran, Associate Professor

Dr. T.Radha, Professor

Dr. A.K.Babylatha, Professor

Dr. C.K. Geetha, Professor

Dr. P.K. Sudhadevi, Professor

Dr. K. Ajith Kumar, Associate Professor (SS)




Land Resources


College orchard and fruit demonstration plot  

15.0 ha.

Mango research unit    

 10.0 ha.

Ornamental plant research unit 

2.0 ha.

Nursery area   

 1.0 ha.

Total experimental area    

28.0 ha.

 Activities Undertaken



  • UG Programme: Offers 3 courses for B.Sc. (Ag), 2 courses for B.Sc. (Forestry), 1 course for  B.Sc. (CB and M).

  • M.Sc. Programme: Offers 11 courses for M.Sc.(Hort) and M.Sc.(Ag)

  • Ph.D. Programme: Offers 9 courses

  • PG students on the rolls: M.Sc. (Hort) : 8 and Ph.D : 2



    External Aided Projects (Fruits)

  • Triploid breeding of tetraploid hybrids of Palayankodan x Pisang lilin for disease resistance - ICAR

  • Inter-mat, intra-mat and crop competition studies in banana (cv. Palayankodan) using tracer techniques - ICAR

  • Survey, collection, evaluation, conservation and standardization of vegetative propagation in five under exploited minor fruits of Kerala - ICAR

  • Survey, collection and evaluation of table type mangoes existing in Central Kerala - ICAR 

  • Technology development for handling and utilization of common types of jack fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) - ICAR

  • Revolving fund scheme on large-scale production of quality fruits and ornamentals - ICAR

  • Plant biodiversity on mango - NATP

  • Plant biodiversity on under exploited minor fruits-NATP

  • Integrated new production system for banana for export and domestic needs - NATP

  • Transfer of technology and studies on marketing pattern of jack fruit in Thrissur District - KRPLLD, CDS

  • Investigations on variability, vegetative propagation and fruit drop in breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis Park) - KSCSTE

  • Survey and collection of elite Mauritius pineapple clones suitable for commercial cultivation in Kerala- STEC

 External Aided Projects (Floriculture)

  • AICRP on Floriculture

  • Standardisation of agro techniques in foliage plants - ICAR

  • In vitro propagation and improvement of foliage plants - ICAR

  • Standardisation of techniques for commercial production of dry flowers and plants - ICAR

  • Transfer of technology in low cost  nursery production and management - NHB

  • Transfer of technology in commercial production of orchids - NHB

  • Transfer of technology in commercial production of anthurium - NHB

  • Post - harvest management of cut flowers of orchids and anthurium - NATP

  • Micro climatic relations in the commercial production of cut flowers and foliage in the humid tropics DST

  • Crop improvement and extension of post harvest longevity of commercial flowers and foliage plants through the use of radiation BRNS

  • Scheme for the establishment of a biotechnology based self contained floriculture unit by rural women DBT

  • Diversification in Floriculture - SHM

  • Standardisation of planting materials and regulation of flowering in Bush Jasmine -KSCSTE

  • Popularisation of less exploited potential ornamental crops of Kerala through rural women - DBT

  • Revolving fund scheme for the production of planting materials of fruits and ornamentals -ICAR

  • Mega seed project for seed production in agricultural crops - ICAR

  Plan Projects (5 nos.)


 Training programmes

Conducted more than 200 training programmes in ornamental gardening, tree planting, plant propagation techniques, plant propagation and nursery management, commercial flowers, orchid cultivation, orchid and anthurium cultivation, orchid, anthurium and jasmine cultivation, flower arrangement, tissue culture of major fruits and  flowers of Kerala, propagation and post harvest handling of jack fruit


Consultancy services in fruits, floriculture, landscaping, nursery production and management  and tissue culture. Prepared landscape plans for the International airport at Nedumbassery, Kochi; Thenmala Eco-tourism Development Project, Kollam; NPOL, Kochi; Processing plant of Rubber Research Institute, Kottayam; Municipal Park, Thirur, Malappuram; Legislative Assembly Complex, Kerala and AHADS, Attappady, Palakkad District

 On farm demonstration

Established nursery units (3 nos.), commercial units for anthurium  (12 nos.)  and orchid (20 nos.)  at farmers field


  • Workshop on AICRP on Floriculture (1990)

  • Seminar on Kerala Floriculture 2020 (1999)

  • National symposium on Recent Advances in Floriculture (2003)

  • ICAR Winter School on Floribusiness in the Changing Global Scenario - Issues and Strategies (2006).


Research articles   460
Books/ Bulletins/ Chapters in books 35
 Popular articles 90
Training manuals 6


  • Large scale production and supply of planting materials of fruit crops like mango, banana, sapota, garcinia, guava, jack and floriculture crops like orchid, anthurium, heliconia, tuberose and other ornamental plants.

  • Seed production of annual flower crops.

  • Operates ABARD - schemes on horticulture nursery unit and banana tissue culture.     

  • Developed 3 poly houses, 15 shade houses,  6 propagation units, net houses, etc. 

 Demonstration Plots

  • Demonstration cum instructional plot consisting of more than 40 different types of major and minor fruits.

  • Demonstration plots of various ornamental plants.

  • Orchidariums and shade houses for growing orchids and anthurium

  • Poly houses of different kinds for demonstration. 

  • Shade houses for foliage plants and mist chambers for vegetative propagation.  

  • Nursery unit for fruit and ornamental plants with potting shed.

 Laboratory and Other Facilities

  • A laboratory well equipped with research microscopes, porometer, electronic precision balance, spectro photometer and microwave oven

  • Tissue culture laboratory

  • Walk in cold chamber

  • An audio visual lab with T.V., VCR, overhead and slide projectors with  computer and LCD  facilities

  • A computer room with internet facilities

 Major Farm Produces

  • Banana, mango, sapota, garcinia, bread fruit and jack

 Revenue generated (2006-07):

  • Planting materials worth - Rs. 2,95,000/-

  • Farm produce                - Rs. 75,000/-

 Other Institutional Activities

  • Officer i/c - Placement Cell  

  • Officer i/c - Labour Management Cell

  • Project Coordinator - Floriculture

  • Assistant Warden - Ladies Hostel

 Major Achievements


  • M.Sc. students passed out             : 80

  • Ph.D. students passed out             : 13

 Research Achievements

 Fruit science


  • Cytotaxonomical studies and classification of varieties done

  • Two banana hybrids for homesteads were released

  • Physiology, growth and flowering of tissue culture banana were studied

  • Intermat, intramat crop competition and root distribution studies using radio tracer techniques were done

  • Developed package of practices for homestead cultivation of Palayankodan

  • An integrated new production system for Nendran with modified high density planting and fertigation was developed

  • Standardized production technology for rainfed banana

  • Developed protocol for micro propagation of commercial varieties


  • Standardized shade requirement and production technology

  • Studied root distribution pattern using tracer techniques

  • Developed protocol for micro propagation    


  • Survey of table and pickle mango types was  conducted and suitable varieties for Kerala identified.

  • Propagation by epicotyl and soft wood grafting techniques was standardized.

  • A germplasm collection of 155 mango varieties is being maintained and evaluated.

  • Anatomical and physiological indices for selection of dwarfing root stocks of mango were standardised.

  • Histological and biochemical characterisation of polyembriony in mango


  • Variability in flowering and fruit characters was studied and vegetative propagation by epicotyl grafting was standardized

 Sapota & Gooseberry

  • A high yielding type, 'Local', and a gooseberry variety 'Chambakkad Large' were identified for homestead cultivation.


  • Varietal evaluation and identification of suitable varieties for cultivation

 Minor fruits

  • Survey was conducted for collection of minor fruits. Germplasm of Flacourtia spp. Carissa spp. Spondias spp. Averrhoea spp. Garcinia mangostana, G. gummigutta, G. indica, Nephelium lappaceum and many other under exploited fruits are maintained

  • Variability was observed in mangosteen, kodampuli, lovilovi, Indian hogplum, karonda and bilimbi

  • Floral biology, fruit set and fruit development were studied in selected fruits.

 Vegetative propagation techniques were standardized

  • In sapota, kodampuli, bilimbi, Indian gooseberry and mangosteen (softwood grafting)

  • In sweet and sour lovi-lovi, sweet Indian hog plum (air layering)

  • Top working was standardized in Garcinia gummigutta to change unproductive male trees to productive female ones


  • Germplasm collection and evaluation of varieties was done in rose, hibiscus, bougainvillae, jasmine, gerbera, gladiolus, tuberose, anthurium, orchids, aster, marigold and foliage plants

  • Developed hybrids in Dendrobium and are under observation

  • Evaluated tropical plant species for use as cut foliage

  • Standardized dry flower production technology

  • Propagation and planting techniques were standardized in hibiscus, bougainvilla, jasmine, gerbera, gladiolus, tuberose, anthurium, orchids and foliage plants

  • Developed protocol for in vitro propagation of Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, anthurium, gladiolus, tuberose, Schefflera, Philodendron, Dracaena and bougainvillea

  • Developed eco compatible designs for growing Dendrobium and anthurium in Kerala

  • Standardized media and media management for orchid, anthurium and foliage plants.

  • Standardized management practices for commercial flower cultivation for small-scale units and also for large scale commercial units in anthurium, orchids, gerbera, gladiolus, tuberose, crossandra and jasmine

  • Developed protocol for post harvest management of orchid, anthurium and cut foliage, both for home scale and commercial units.


  • Jawaharlal award for Pots-Graduate Agricultural Research - Mini Balachandran. (2000). and  K. Dinesh Babu. (2006)

  • National award in Floriculture by the Horticultural Society of India - Dr. P.K. Rajeevan. (2005)

 Contact address

Professor and Head

Dept. of Pomology and Floriculture

College of Horticulture

Kerala Agricultural University

KAU P.O.  680 656

Thrissur, Kerala

Phone: 0487- 2438371




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